In the woods of West Virginia, in an isolated hollow, a young boy thought he was a peacock. When he realized, much to his dismay, that he was not a peacock, he picked up a guitar. From then on the sounds of him loudly playing along to the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix could be heard echoing through the hollow. Somehow placed between roaming peacocks, a family of Russian intellectuals, and parents dedicated to living off the land, Gyasi was brought up in an environment that could only be described as unique. It was an isolated world, where life felt like a time capsule of a different era. With a precociously early interest in music, dance, and performance, Gyasi (pronounced “Jossy”) found himself altogether removed from his peers growing up in typical rural West Virginia culture. From his parents he inherited a love of blues, jazz and world music, and silent movies. Through the mentorship of the Russian immigrants next door, he learned about the heroes of the British Invasion, glam rock, and psychedelia. 

Gyasi’s seamless ability to draw from a deep well of music makes his work both timeless and new. The first singles for his debut full length show a young talent expertly combining early blues, 70s psychedelia, and glam rock. With echoes of Bowie and Zeppelin, Gyasi is poised to be a powerful new voice in rock n roll.